We lead mindfulness training for teachers, usually at school locations.

Teachers spend their lives teaching others how to be more positive, productive and effective. However, care for the community starts with self-care, which often becomes the lowest priority.

How can teachers benefit from mindfulness training?

Mindfulness training is an opportunity for teachers to turn their attention inwards. They learn the skills they need to manage their own response to stress and how to remain calm in times of crisis.

During training, teachers learn skills to:
  • lower stress and prevent burnout
  • build resilience during changes
  • connect with their community and peers
  • reduce reactivity and develop helpful responses
  • deal with others who are stressed or reacting negatively to circumstances
  • do what matters most in the present moment

How can schools benefit from mindfulness training for teachers?

It is not just individual teachers who benefit from mindfulness training.

The school also benefits by having teams of teachers who can work together to:
  • energise the school culture
  • encourage collaborative, rational decision-making
  • improve communication between stakeholder groups – staff, students, teachers, parents
  • motivate talented teachers to remain at the school
  • build better external relationships and school reputation

Mindfulness Space offer one-off workshops (either one or two hours long), or a program of one hour per week for four weeks. Everyone from contractors to permanent academic staff can benefit from the training.

For more information on how mindfulness training can help your teachers, call us on (02) 8090 7184 or contact us.

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