Mindfulness training can help staff and students deal with pressure in and around the school environment.
Participants learn valuable life skills, such as how to bolster resilience and deal productively with stressful situations like exams.

We lead mindfulness training sessions for schools, teachers and students, at your school.

Schools face a unique set of challenges which set the environment apart from any other. Competing personal values, developing minds and external pressures can collude to create a highly-charged culture.

Mindfulness training helps participants be aware of their own responses and the impact of those responses on the people around them. Participants also gain a fresh perspective of the challenges they face at school, and their own role within the school community.

Sessions can be conducted one-on-one, in classrooms or in peer groups. We provide a safe environment in which to explore new ways of thinking.

How can our school benefit from mindfulness training?

Mindfulness training can help build a flourishing school environment. The training helps staff and students develop the skills they need to feel connected and foster a safe learning environment.

The school environment can be improved when:
  • Individuals become aware of their own responses to change
  • Peers model and practice self-acceptance
  • A positive, patient culture prevails
  • Everyone is more resilient to change and stressful events

How can students or staff benefit from mindfulness training?

Whether they are staff or students, individuals who feel connected to their community and cohort are able to build stronger positive relationships. Individuals who practice self-acceptance tend to flourish.

Mindfulness training at school can teach individuals how to:
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Perform to their potential
  • Mitigate the effects of anxiety
  • Remain focused, even when stressed
  • Become better listeners
  • Forge essential connections with peers
  • Align to personal and institutional values

What are the benefits of mindfulness training for our school community?

Supportive communities are built by individuals who care for each other, but that care needs to start from within. Mindfulness training teaches individuals about self-awareness and compassion, which extends to greater care for the community.

Mindfulness training helps school communities to:
  • Have greater resilience during changes and restructuring
  • Adopt a growth mindset approach towards challenges
  • Develop shorter, less reactive response times
  • Be calm during a community crisis
  • Improve collaboration between stakeholder groups – staff, students, teachers, parents

Mindfulness Space offer one-off workshops (either one or two hours long), or a program of one hour per week for four weeks. Everyone from senior students to senior staff can benefit from the training.

For more information on how mindfulness training can help your school, call us on (02) 8090 7184 or contact us.

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