We teach mindfulness to HSC students, in sessions designed to suit school, study and sport commitments.

All roads lead to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), right? No. There is life beyond the HSC. Students who put extreme pressure on themselves often suffer from stress and anxiety which may hamper their potential in the HSC. There are many steps in the final year of school leading up to the HSC, and each of those steps can be helped by mindfulness training. Students who are able to remain calm while studying, and in exams, are most likely to excel.

How can mindfulness training help HSC students?

Mindfulness practices can be applied at any time while HSC students study during their final year of school.

Students who practice mindfulness are able to:
  • Better navigate exam-related stress and anxiety
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Be present in the exams so they can apply what they have studied
  • Develop an awareness of the present moment in context
  • Generate helpful perspectives to think clearly about priorities
  • Objectively view their studies and the future beyond HSC
  • Cope with stress and anxiety by using healthy techniques

How can schools, families and social groups benefit from mindfulness training for HSC students?

Most HSC students have the support of their friends, families, social groups and school.

Mindfulness training helps people in these support roles by:
  • Actively helping students
  • Dealing with teenagers who are better able to cope with stressful situations and change
  • Nurturing happier, better connected teenagers
  • Supporting an environment for richer learning experiences

Mindfulness Space offer one-off workshops (either one or two hours long), or a program of one hour per week for four weeks.

For more information on how mindfulness training can help HSC students, call us on (02) 8090 7184 or contact us.

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