Community groups and sport clubs who attend mindfulness training together learn ways to support each other in stressful situations.

Care for others starts with self-care, and mindfulness training helps individuals focus on the present moment so they can be part of calm decision-making in a group.

We lead mindfulness training sessions for community groups and sports teams, in the places you usually meet.

Groups come together to support a cause greater than each individual – whether playing for victory on the sports field, fundraising for a charity or helping communities in crisis. Mindfulness training helps every member in the group tune in to the present moment, so the best choices can be made in high-pressure or emotionally stressful situations.

What types of groups can benefit from mindfulness training?

Mindfulness training helps any group where people come together to support a higher cause.

Groups such as:
  • Volunteer organisations
  • Support groups
  • Crisis management groups
  • Fundraising groups
  • Social groups
  • Sports teams

How can groups benefit from mindfulness training?

Groups who complete mindfulness training together benefit in many ways.

Groups learn how to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Do what needs to be done in the present moment
  • Respond, rather than react, to stressful situations
  • Be calm during community crisis
  • Improve collaboration within the group, with other groups and the public

Mindfulness Space offer one-off workshops (either one or two hours long), or a program of one hour per week for four weeks.

For more information on how mindfulness training can help your community group or sports team, call us on (02) 8090 7184 or contact us.

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