• Experience greater wellbeing & focus
  • Develop greater levels of self-awareness
  • Mindfulness Training in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
  • Reduce feelings of stress & anxiety

Mindfulness Training for Organisations

Our Sydney mindfulness training and mindfulness workshops introduce your staff to the concept of mindfulness. Participants will learn how using mindfulness can increase workplace productivity, reduce stress, as well as improve their general mental and emotional wellbeing.

We offer research-based mindfulness training to organisations, enabling them to function and communicate more efficiently in high performance environments.

Our courses teach your staff new skills, tools and techniques for communication, stress management and creativity.

Our mindfulness training is specifically tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. Our courses can be delivered as a single one-off hour class, as four one-hour workshops over a period of four weeks, or as a single, streamlined two hour workshop.

Benefits of mindfulness training for your organisation:

  • Strengthened workplace communication
  • Enhanced team morale and resilience
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher levels of engagement, clarity and creativity
  • Increased productivity

We offer mindfulness training and mindfulness workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

For further information about our workplace mindfulness training or mindfulness workshops, including dates, availability and pricing, please contact us.