• Mindfulness Training in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
  • Reduce feelings of stress & anxiety
  • Develop greater levels of self-awareness
  • Experience greater wellbeing & focus

Mindfulness Training and Workshops

We offer research-based mindfulness workshops and coaching in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra for organisations, schools and individuals. Our training sessions and courses are geared towards beginners, however, more experienced practitioners are welcome to participate and can benefit from the presence of a knowledgeable guide to re-align their practice.

Our mindfulness workshops are typically delivered either as a single one-off hour workshop, as four one-hour workshops over a period of four weeks, or as a single, streamlined two-hour workshop. All of these workshops introduce participants to concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Participants will learn how using mindfulness can increase productivity and creativity, as well as improve their general mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Mindfulness Space workshops are delivered in an experiential manner. We teach practical and accessible methods of learning to pay attention to the present moment rather than worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. This includes methods of developing an attitude of friendliness toward oneself, as opposed to criticism or self-judgment.

Benefits of mindfulness training:

  • An ability to deal more effectively with stressful situations
  • Greater ability to remain productive despite an agitated state of mind
  • An understanding of how to transform negative thought patterns
  • Feeling less judgmental and critical of oneself, and subsequently of others
  • Feeling mentally and physically relaxed
  • Being able to manage conflict with less distress and fewer confrontations
  • Greater levels of self-awareness

We offer mindfulness training and mindfulness workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

For further information about our mindfulness training or mindfulness workshops, including dates, availability and pricing, please contact us.