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Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness Articles

What is Mindfulness?
A short essay on mindfulness, its benefits and how to practice it.

Mindfulness and Scheduled Worry Time
Scheduled worry time is a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) technique that we can use to help lessen the anxiety generated from excessive worry. Used in conjunction with mindfulness, scheduled worry time can help us learn how to 'worry more effectively'.

Free Mindfulness Resources

Mindful Magazine
Mindful is an online initiative that celebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living.

Zenso Meditation Timer
Zenso is a free, simple meditation timer app for the iPhone.

Headspace is a free app that teaches mindfulness through guided meditations.

Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation an easy and convenient way to learn and enjoy mindfulness meditation. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

Mindfulness in Plain English
Mindfulness in Plain English is an easy to read guide to help you get started with mindfulness meditation.