We offer mindfulness-based courses for: Staff Training & Development, Mindful Leadership & Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Mindfulness Space - Mindfulness Training for Workplaces

Mindfulness Training for Workplaces

Mindfulness training can help employees become more productive and innovative, improving performance, self-awareness and general wellbeing.

Mindfulness Space - Mindfulness Training for Groups

Mindfulness Training for Groups

Mindfulness training can help community groups and sport clubs focus on the present, and make the best choices together in stressful situations.

Mindfulness Space - Mindfulness Training for Schools

Mindfulness Training for Schools

Mindfulness training can ease exam-related stress and helps students, teachers and staff deal with the unique pressures of the school environment.

What is Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness training is a process which helps practitioners become more self-aware. Mindfulness practice is a way of tuning into the present moment, viewing it non-judgmentally to allow calm, rational decisions to be made.

Benefits of mindfulness training include:
  • Building resilience to deal with change
  • Reduced levels of stress and burnout
  • More collaborative, rational decision-making
  • Improved creativity & productivity
  • Bolstered emotional wellbeing
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Corporate Mindfulness Training & Workplace Meditation Courses

Mindfulness Space offers one and two-hour mindfulness workshops, and four-week long programs.

As a general introduction to mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, the workshops guide participants through the benefits of mindfulness and stress-reduction.

During mindfulness training, your staff will explore a range of simple, effective and practical mindfulness techniques which have been clinically proven to be beneficial in daily life.

Participants learn how mindfulness techniques can improve concentration, increase productivity, enhance workplace morale and strengthen the quality of inter-team communication.

Corporate mindfulness training and workplace meditation courses are held in Sydney.

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Clients We've Worked With

  • Mindfulness Space Client - AMP
  • Mindfulness Space Client - Defence Legal
  • Mindfulness Space Client - Wesley Mission
  • Mindfulness Space Client - Aspen Pharmacare
  • Mindfulness Space Client - headspace

What Our Clients Say

M5 East - Mindfulness Space
"After three successful sessions on the M5 East, we are hoping to bring Mindfulness Space back on-site for continuing mindfulness training sessions." Kristy Whalan Training Coordinator - M5 East
Aspen Pharmacare - Mindfulness Space
"We engaged Paul to run four short workshops on mindfulness at our sales conference. Paul was able to tailor his presentations to our needs, which were engaging and well received by our staff." Andrew Bolton HR Business Partner - Aspen Pharmacare
headspace - Mindfulness Space
"Young people leave with skills around letting go of thoughts. It’s been extremely helpful for our clients on many levels." Laura Glasby Community Engagement Officer - headspace
Change Activation - Mindfulness Space
"We've been able to integrate the tools and techniques that we learnt in Paul's mindfulness workshops into our workplace. We are a more effective team as a result." Gavin Wedell CEO - Change Activation

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